Graphic Design & Layout

Graphic design is “the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, space, image and color.” It is the process by which your brand becomes visible… clear… understood.
Your potential clients take that first step in their decision to engage with your business based on the first thing they see… and you never know what that thing will be! It could be you, your bricks & mortar, a business card, signage, an online leaderboard ad, a sponsored Facebook post, your website, a tweet.
Design is not magic—well maybe there is a little bit in there—but mostly it is just creative work and critical thinking in order to create something that looks effortless and perfectly suited to you and your brand. We are not here to sell you “edgy” for the sake of edginess, a style that’s “on trend” or a look that reflects us… this is about you.