We believe that …

the why needs to be settled before the what;
that your business has a story to tell and it deserves to be told well;
that what you say matters and how you say it makes a difference;
that what is real/genuine/truthful trumps that which is manufactured EVERY time;
that the first idea is sometimes the best, but not often… so keep looking AND
that content has always been king.

Blackberry Creative is…

an advertising, communications strategy & design team located on Vancouver Island, but we refer to ourselves as “a couple of brains on a stick.”
We are thinkers, creators, and explorers of ideas—and problem solving is the biggest part of what we do every day. We are known for providing our clients with effective communications tools: from the research and development needed for full-on marketing strategies, brand creation and social media engagement, to website design, online and print advertising campaigns, and the creation of collateral materials from business cards to billboards.
Whether we are working with a non-profit, DMO, tech company, golf resort, restaurant, or something nautical, Blackberry Creative becomes part of the client’s marketing team—without the need for a fancy corner office or company dental plan—and we offer ideas and advice that reflect the unique needs of each. It is our thoughtful and reasoned approach and many years of relevant business and design experience that brings real value to our clients.
When you meet with Blackberry Creative you meet us—the creative team—not an account rep or a sales professional, or even a receptionist… although we dream of having one. So when you call Blackberry Creative, we take the call; and when you hire us, you know who will be working on your behalf…
Po Wan and Sandy Robson…
just a couple of brains on a stick.

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