the Silver Bullet

Whether looking to slay werewolves or the business competition, everyone wants a silver bullet… a simple answer, a single thing we can do to make everything better and to succeed.
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, traditional ad campaigns, PR strategy, social media, editorial exposure, community event sponsorship, interactive websites, e-newsletters, catalogues, Instagram, direct mail, radio & television spots, Snapchat, YouTube videos, billboards… all of them can have a place in bringing that success; but no single one of them is the answer to all your marketing dreams. Many will tell you otherwise, but no one has the silver bullet… no one!
What we know for sure is… you will save time & money in the long run by setting goals, thinking through challenges and weighing options. If you tell us you need a rack card, we will take the time to consider why. Maybe you would be better served by a Facebook fan page, an e-newsletter, sponsoring a music festival, or creating a video for Youtube … and then again maybe you do just need a rack card, but we need to ask the question.
We do not believe in a silver bullet. We do believe in working hard, investing for the long haul, trying out different strategies, and allowing great ideas to develop in order to realize your goals.
We invite you to browse through some of the solutions we’ve developed for our clients and if you are looking for a straight shooting approach to marketing your business… it’s time we talked!