Video & Multi-media

Moving pictures and sound… some of the most powerful tools in your marketing toolbox! From concept, storyboarding & scripting through to art direction and production graphics, Blackberry Creative delivers effective video, multi-media products and presentations to take your story to the next level. We bring in trusted videographers, film makers and post-production professionals to complete the team of skilled professional working for you.

A Prezi developed to introduce a curriculum to help First Nations communities take the first step toward writing the stories of their own future.

The graphics, animation and script for this closed captioning ad promoting the 10th Annual State of the Island Economic Summit were developed by Blackberry.

Presented at the 2015 Transportation Forum hosted by the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance in Victoria BC, March 2015, this video highlights major transportation initiatives underway on the Island and underscores VIEA’s goal to develop an Island-wide Intermodal Transportation Plan. Blackberry Creative developed the concept and script, and managed the project including voiceover talent, audio recording and editing.

Original concept, script and editing (in collaboration with Target Multi-media) by Blackberry Creative.

“My Place to Give” Fundraising Presentation
Blackberry was responsible for every aspect of this four-minute presentation from writing the script and art directing photo shoots, to conducting and recording interviews of key hospital personnel & donors, casting voice talent, selecting appropriate images and overseeing the final edit with film maker Cliff Craven of Target Multi-media.

Original concept, script and editing (in collaboration with Target Multi-media) by Blackberry Creative.

From developing the script to selecting music and auditioning voice talent to shooting new footage, editing and post-production, Blackberry was involved at every step. By re-building an existing presentation, we were able to give the client an updated, web-friendly presentation at a fraction of the cost of a new production.

Highlighting this unique organization–the only one of its kind–with a Vancouver Island-wide mandate to advocate for economic health.