In 2004, when Inuktun Services Ltd wanted to develop their brand identity and craft a message to capture the essence of their cutting-edge technology, they came to Blackberry Creative.

After touring Inuktun headquarters in Nanaimo—and in particular after being allowed to peek into Al Robinson’s dimly lit office with his desk covered in papers, calculations and sketches, and every other surface piled high with books, scale models, and bits & pieces of stuff—we told President Colin Dobell that we saw them as modern day “renaissance” men in the grand tradition of inventor, artist and visionary Leonardo da Vinci. And we gave them…

The Art & Science of Inuktun Technology… a very human endeavour taking you beyond what is humanly possible. We make it possible to… see it for yourself.”

Great to see the concept being carried forward a decade later in this new corporate video animated by RaceRocks 3D.