At the start of every new client project you wonder “do I have any ideas left? Will the well of creativity be dried up if I go there one more time?” It can be daunting staring down that blank page, but thankfully it has never stayed blank for long. In fact, there are usually so many creative paths to follow that it takes a certain amount of discipline to narrow it down to the top three or four contenders.

Even in this digital age, for me it always starts with paper and pencil. Rough sketches done quickly… shorthand for the brain… something to jot down and then move on. Ideas flow across the page in a visual stream of consciousness. Eventually the best of those initial scribbles are transferred into pixels and then worked, and re-worked until they are ready for discussion with the client.

Yes, there is something just a little terrifying about the blank page… but thrilling as well!

From paper to pixels a new logo is born.