Words. They can get you into so much trouble! Too many words, not enough, not the right one. Then there are the typos, the incorrect grammar and—the bane of modern day text-ers—the auto-correct… yeah, just google it…OMG!

Writing is both a craft and, in the hands of some, an art form. They move us to take action, bring us to tears and provide solace in the face of loss. For your business, words represent you when you cannot be there in person.

Words become our ambassadors and in this age of social media it’s essential that you take the power of your words seriously. It is relatively easy to post to your wall, send out a tweet or update your blog. The difficult part is the whole thinking-it-through, editing and re-writing process… that’s where the real work is done.

At the very least, before you press send READ IT ALOUD to yourself… those words are meant to stand in for you and your voice. If the words sound weird coming out of your mouth, they will definitely ring false with your readers and customers. It takes a little more time to edit, but it is worth every minute. And if you are short on time call a Blackberry… our pencils are ready!

pen•cil (pen’səl) n. a long pointy thing used to write words or draw pictures.


Auto IN-Correct

Autocorrect... a cautionary tale!