Where there’s smoke, there’s BBQ!

Today we are giving a shout out to restaurant client Smokin’ George’s BBQ! If you are anywhere near Nanaimo and craving some seriously delicious BBQ ribs, brisket or chicken, this is the place to be. Owner & chef, George Kulai, and partner Lea Ortner, have been in business since last Fall and are doing it up right!

We began working with Smokin’ George’s last Spring, creating a logo for the new Vancouver Island eatery. The pair had put a lot of thought into what they wanted their logo to say to their potential customers, and the flavour they wanted to convey about their business. Most recently they asked us to create two new menus… for takeout and tabletop.

Over the past year, George and Lea made sure that they put into place marketing and promotional tools they could use to support and enhance all the hard work and long hours that they were (and are) putting in, and they have been busy promoting the business from the ground up. A website, Facebook, Twitter, contests and promotions, strategically placed ads on local buses, and George is always ready and willing to be interviewed (check out his appearance on Shaw Cable) sharing his expertise and passion for all things BBQ!

Our job was to create a logo and other materials that honoured their passion and commitment to their customers. And we are proud of our work, but at the end of the day no matter how spiffy a logo is, or how many ads are taken out, or how clever the menu graphics are, what really matters is the food and delivering on your business promise. Smokin’ George’s delivers… they are all about authentic, mouth-watering BBQ! George and Lea are successful because they love what they do, they do it well, and their restaurant patrons walk away happy & satisfied…. and perhaps with some BBQ sauce on their cheek!