Every once in awhile something comes along that is simple, practical and —wait for it— a no brainer! Although I detest that expression, in this case it certainly applies! Finding a way to link elements of a marketing campaign across print and online platforms has been a challenge, but the emergence of QR (quick response) codes is proving to be a quick and easy solution.

In the past, collateral materials such as business cards, brochures, print ads etc. would rely on the viewer of these products to take the time to access your online components via entering a website address using their browser of choice. This worked reasonably well, but if you wanted to direct a visitor to a particular page on your site (beyond the standard Home Page) it was difficult to encourage them to continue entering past your basic url with all the back slashes et al.

Send viewers direct with QR codes

For example, what are the chances you will get past the dot ca part, and arrive at our page on websites and multi-media projects, given the following url… blackberrycreative.ca/?page_id=38?

Scanning QR codes leads your customers directly to the page, micro-site, video or other online offering that you want them to see. Which in turn allows you to track how effectively individual elements of your campaign are directing that traffic to what you want them to see & hear. QR codes allow the viewer to access additional and pertinent information and the potential uses are exciting…

  • If you are a realtor, a QR code on your sign outside a house you have listed could take potential buyers directly to a video tour or photo gallery of the property, as well as contain as detailed specs.
  • Trailhead signage could be augmented with downloadable trail maps, and information on local flora and fauna.
  • Gallery exhibits could link to additional biographical information on the artist whose works are being displayed. Museums could add historical details and post mini-lectures for viewing as the visitor passes through an exhibit.
  • Wine labels are expensive to produce and vintners might save a little space by directing buyers to full information on pairing the bottle in their hand with an upcoming meal.
  • Have fun scanning colleagues name tags at your next conference… and upload their digital business cards.

QR codes allow you to link your potential customers to everything you have to offer. And they increase the value of all the marketing materials you create from rack cards to baseball team t-shirts… imagine the possibilities for your next promotion!